Sunday, August 14, 2011

CardBoard Bodhi

Chip Irvine. Cardboard Bodhi Exhibition.
Towson University 2011

Irvine. Cardboard Bodhi.

Chip Irvine. Gasbow. Archival Ink Jet
Prints, 45" by 56"

Irvine. The Shack. Cardboard, Inject Prints, Video,
and Mixed Media. 10' x 12' x 6'. 2011

Irvine. The Shack (inside detail).

Irvine. The Shack (inside detail).

Irvine. The Shack (Box of Mirrors).

Irvine. The Shack (inside view of The Box of Mirrors).

Irvine. Church Box. Cardboard Box, Video, and Clay.
56"x 24"x 20".

Irvine. Church Box (detail).

Irvine. Self Walk (video still). 2010

Irvine. Shaitan's Whisper (video still).

Cardboard Bodhi was a multimedia exhibition that utilized installation/sculpture, video, performance, cardboard boxes, digital photography, and other materials to portray complex perceptions. Inspired by pollution, consumption, poverty, religion, and mental illness, I created a space that challenged the viewer to be both introspective and to view the world differently. The title of the show, Cardboard Bodhi, was a reference to two concepts. Cardboard is a symbol of modern consumption and waste – it is a temporal material that is used to contain objects and, at times, provides shelter for homeless people. Bodhi means “enlightenment” in the Buddhist tradition, and together, the terms refer to finding beauty within the ugly and finding peace and epiphanies in undesirable places.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recent Installation

I am interested in exploring relationships between cardboard boxes, memories, and modern society. Disposable boxes contain products, personal objects, food, and memories, but also can be used as beds and shelter for people living on the street. Some of the imagery form the "Boxes" installation comes from old memories of the neighborhood I grew up in. When I was a child, I thought the people living in boxes and other decrepit environments near my house had special powers.

"Boxes" was a video, photo, and mixed media installation at the Hamilton Arts Collective in Baltimore, Maryland during the month of September.

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